Complete Books

Make_Shift City, ed. Francesca Ferguson

Introduction and preface to a book on alternative and grassroots urban development projects. Makeshift implies a temporary or expedient substitute for something else, something missing. Make_Shift City extends the term to embrace urban design strategies. … Where there is a lack of regular planning processes,...

The Narcissist in the Mirror by Reinhard Haller

A guide to the traits and varieties of narcissism for a lay audience. Often used as an insult or a synonym for selfishness, narcissism is actually a personality disorder with more complex causes and consequences. Using entertaining case studies and accessible language, Reinhard Haller’s “field...

Perverse Assemblages, ed. Josch Hoenes and Barbara Paul

A publication arising from an international conference on queer art at the University of Oldenburg. The book Perverse Assemblages confidently reclaims the pejorative term “perverse” and asks how intermedial artistic practices, embedded in semiotic/material webs with complex historical relationships, serve to queer heteronormativity. Deleuze and...

The Luther Effect. Exhibition and catalog by the Deutsches Historisches Museum

A touring exhibition and accompanying catalog exploring the role of Protestantism in Sweden, Tanzania, Korea, and the US. To mark the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this full-color volume invites the reader on a journey that extends across five centuries and four...

Pink Labor on Golden Streets

An exhibition/conference catalogue about queer art at the intersection of form and politics. Pink Labor on Golden Streets: Queer Art Practices is particularly concerned with combining, juxtaposing, or playing off various artistic strategies where form and politics intersect. Two artistic attitudes, often perceived as divergent,...

Practicing Dance: A Somatic Orientation, ed. Jenny Coogan

A guide to somatic practices in dance from professional and educational perspectives. Practicing Dance: A Somatic Orientation includes accounts of field research, essays and interviews, as well as suggestions for studio practice that demonstrate the synergy between contemporary dance and the Feldenkrais Method. The range...

“as a mouse” by Simone Kornappel

A circular poem for Words Without Borders. Simone Kornappel often makes poems in unusual shapes, and “as a mouse” was one such example. The form was a very important element of the translation process. From my translator’s note: The difficulty of translating a circle is...

An Unfinished Portrait by Myriam Frank

Excerpts of letters sent from Spain and France during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, reprinted as an appendix to a memoir by Miriam Frank (the letter-writer’s daughter). The memoir woman’s journey to understand the life of her mother – a life...

Exhibition about the 1938 Évian Conference

Co-translated exhibition at the German Resistance Memorial Center about the 1938 international refugee conference that was held in Évian, France to determine the fate of the Jewish refugees who were attempting to flee Nazi Germany. Exhibition beginning in July 2018 at the German Resistance Memorial...

Keyserling’s Secret by Klaus Modick

Sample for German publisher, Kiepenhauer & Witsch. Told from the perspective of the turn-of-the-century German novelist Count Eduard von Keyserling, this work of historical fiction imagines the relationships among a group of writers and artists who gather at a summer house on Lake Constance.


STILL Magazine

Former Translation Editor. STILL is an independent magazine featuring inventive writing and photography. The artists published by the magazine challenge creative conventions in form or content and include an eclectic range of creators working in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, translations, and fine art photography. STILL...

Contemporary And (C&)

Former copy editor. Contemporary And (C&) is a dynamic space for reflecting on and linking together ideas, discourse, and information on contemporary art practice from diverse African perspectives. I first became involved in C& for its first print issue, which was distributed at the Dak’art...

Literary Events

Collective Love Story

SAND collaborated with English bookstore Love Story of Berlin to put on a collective reading in June 2017. Six Berlin-based English-language writers had previously written stories and novels depicting moments of love and heartbreak, casual dating, and coupledom. In a collaborative workshop, the authors linked...


Weltanschauung. Hyggelig. Chutzpah. Everyone has a favorite untranslatable word to pull out at parties. But translators disprove the concept for a living. (Worldview, cozy, cheekiness.) To drive the point home, nine border agents of communication picked the most “untranslatable” texts they could find, swapped them,...

Translating the Untranslatable (Vietnam edition)

A translation workshop during A-festival 2017 in Vietnam. Building on the 2015 “Untranslatable” reading in Berlin, I co-ran a two-hour workshop in Hanoi on translating untranslatable poetry with sixteen participants and five languages.

SAND Launch Parties

Twice a year, SAND launches its new issues with a reading followed by an all-night party. Each of SAND’s biannual issues is launched with a reading in Berlin followed by a party with DJs and dancing late into the night. Since becoming editor in chief...