“as a mouse” by Simone Kornappel

A circular poem for Words Without Borders.

Simone Kornappel often makes poems in unusual shapes, and “as a mouse” was one such example. The form was a very important element of the translation process.

From my translator’s note:

The difficulty of translating a circle is not the geometry. In an analog age, I might have written my English version on a turntable. Indeed, Simone Kornappel’s mystifying poem “as a mouse” most resembles a vinyl record: a discus that flaunts its Platonic form before exposing its outlandish sound. The poem even skips midway. And, like a 45-rpm single, it closes with a gaping hole after the final chord.

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Quote from Translation
“lower the needle each time only in the very same spotspot”
Bibliographic Details
Kornappel, Simone. “as a mouse” (muxmäuschenstill) In: Words Without Borders. July 2015