Fragmented Waters by Ron Winkler

A poetry collection, funded by US National Endowment of the Arts.

From Ian Seed’s review in PN Review:
“Schneider has had to invent a few words of his own in English, a task no translator would envy, but which Schneider manages with great skill and delightful effect. … Fragmented Waters is the first [of Winkler’s poetry collections to be translated into English, and has left this reviewer hungry for more. … The compact nature of the language – it is impossible to find a wasted word in this book – combined with the richness and arresting qualities of the imagery, creates an enchanting pastoral or ecological poetry. … Perhaps language is ultimately the only tool we have to make sense of the world ‘out there,’ but we can have great fun with this in our attempt to do so.”

From my translator’ note:

A word, in a Ron Winkler poem, is a double agent. Upon closer inspection, it might well be riffing on an Eastern Bloc bicycle race or a Gertrude Stein poem or a French documentary about birds. Its second identity might not be stable (not even in Ron’s own conception, as I’ve learned in asking him about these poems over ten years), and it will almost certainly be camouflaged in the German jungle of multi-noun mash-ups. … These poems notice the nature in human nature and likewise anthropomorphize the woods. … The true identities of the exuberant words and wildlife may defy definition. It’s my hope that you can see Ron’s forest for my translated trees.

52 poems/83 pages
1 year (depending on how you count)
Quote from Translation
“we oystered around each other oceanically, as / we belonged among those who had shamanic dreams / and those who are dreamt of shamanically.” (from “alter inclination”)
Bibliographic Details
Winkler, Ron. Fragmented Waters. [Fragmentierte Gewässer]. Shearsman, 2016.