Keyserling’s Secret by Klaus Modick

Sample for German publisher, Kiepenhauer & Witsch. Told from the perspective of the turn-of-the-century German novelist Count Eduard von Keyserling, this work of historical fiction imagines the relationships among a group of writers and artists who gather at a summer house on Lake Constance.

3 chapters/30 standard pages
1 month
Quote from Translation
“Suddenly he came to a stop, entangled in a jumble of water lilies, rushes, and water plantains, sank below the surface, rose back up spitting and wheezing, then was pulled down again as if the smooth stalks were hands and the placid lake a rushing whirlpool; here comes death, he thought, nature’s revenge for his deed to the ducks—but then, suddenly, he felt someone take his arm and pull him from under his shoulders up and out of the tangle. When he had regained firm footing, his friend Moritz held him upright until they reached the shore, where he caught his breath and lay down in the grass. The ducks quacked, wicked and savage.”
Verlag Kiepenhauer & Witsch