Make_Shift City, ed. Francesca Ferguson

Introduction and preface to a book on alternative and grassroots urban development projects.

Makeshift implies a temporary or expedient substitute for something else, something missing. Make_Shift City extends the term to embrace urban design strategies. … Where there is a lack of regular planning processes, gaps arise as open spaces that enable an ad-hoc informal urban design. What often results is a process of urban commoning: the renegotiation of shared spaces and shared resources. This urbanism of small acts is an emancipatory practice; a re-imagining of the city space and its potentialities.

Introduction and foreword by the Senate Building Director of Berlin, Regula Lüscher
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Quote from Translation
“Notwithstanding the considerable diversity among countries’ political status quos and the debates over direct democracy, social justice and alternative economies, all of today’s global protest movements clearly share a common drive to renegotiate urban space.” (from the foreword by Gabi Horn)
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Ferguson, Francesca, ed. Make_Shift City: Renegotiating the Urban Commons. (Selected sections.) Jovis, 2014.