Perverse Assemblages, ed. Josch Hoenes and Barbara Paul

A publication arising from an international conference on queer art at the University of Oldenburg.

The book Perverse Assemblages confidently reclaims the pejorative term “perverse” and asks how intermedial artistic practices, embedded in semiotic/material webs with complex historical relationships, serve to queer heteronormativity. Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the assemblage aids us in our investigation of the ways queer artistic and cultural artworks enable alternative forms of imagination. Particularly in their interactions with various media, how are cases of boundary-crossing and exchange processes between media configured as transgressions of binary gender norms? And to what extent does such art further queer politics of anti- and de-normalization?

4 chapters
2 years (intermittent)
Bibliographic Details
Hoenes, Josch and Barbara Paul, eds. Perverse Assemblages  [Perverse Gefüge]. (Selected chapters.) Revolver, 2018.
Quote from Translation
“The anti-normalizing impulse went hand in hand with a rejection of anti-gay stereotypes that associated male homosexuality with perversion and promiscuity—and with an appeal for gay men to treat each other with care and affection. Conversely, homophobia toward lesbian sexuality largely consists of rendering it invisible and not acknowledging it as a genuine form of sexuality altogether.” (from the introduction by Josch Hoenes and Barbara Paul)