Pink Labor on Golden Streets

An exhibition/conference catalogue about queer art at the intersection of form and politics.

Pink Labor on Golden Streets: Queer Art Practices is particularly concerned with combining, juxtaposing, or playing off various artistic strategies where form and politics intersect. Two artistic attitudes, often perceived as divergent, are described here: the choice of form attributed to political issues versus political stances dictating the question of form. This book sheds light on contradictory standpoints of queer art practices, conceptions of the body, and ideas of “queer abstraction,” a term coined by Judith Jack Halberstam that raises questions to do with (visual) representations in the context of gender, sexuality, and desire.
Pink Labor on Golden Streets builds on an exhibition and a conference that took place at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2012. The contributions in this book expand on these ideas and practices through interviews, essays, collages, and personal and academic texts.

3 essays and 1 interview
3 months
Quote from Translation
“From the curatorial perspective, the phrase ‘queer abstraction’ proved to be a gold mine that we sought (and seek) to excavate more deeply through the exhibition as well as this book. The pair of terms opens up another, still largely unexplored landscape of research for a field that conventional exhibition practice and discourse often perceive as a mixture of political issues, theoretical discourses, political activism, and artistic points of entry. Although this interdisciplinary collective thought process is assuredly a productive one, its various specialized conceptions of issues often remain disparate, presenting both advantages and drawbacks in the inherent logic, for ultimately each of the fields mentioned has its own divergent strategies and concerns.” (from “QQ: Queer and Questioning” by Dietmar Schwärzler)
Bibliographic Details
Erharter, Christiane et al, eds. Pink Labor on Golden Streets: Queer Art Practices. (Selected chapters.) Sternberg, 2015.