The Narcissist in the Mirror by Reinhard Haller

A guide to the traits and varieties of narcissism for a lay audience.

Often used as an insult or a synonym for selfishness, narcissism is actually a personality disorder with more complex causes and consequences. Using entertaining case studies and accessible language, Reinhard Haller’s “field guide to our selves and other people” helps readers identify the narcissism in themselves and around them and shows that narcissists are in fact the most sensitive people of all.

208 pages
5 months
Quote from Translation
“Bullying is a perfect example of the narcissistic give-and-take between the behavior of the agitator and that of the victim. While narcissists act with recklessness and derision, their victims are anxious, submissive individuals who prefer to avoid conflict and who share their tormentors’ sense of inferiority without projecting it onto others.”
Bibliographic Details
Haller, Reinhard. The Narcissist in the Mirror: A Field Guide to Our Selves and Other People [Die Narzissmusfalle. Anleitung zur Menschen- und Selbstkenntnis]. Ecowin, 2015.