Weltanschauung. Hyggelig. Chutzpah. Everyone has a favorite untranslatable word to pull out at parties. But translators disprove the concept for a living. (Worldview, cozy, cheekiness.) To drive the point home, nine border agents of communication picked the most “untranslatable” texts they could find, swapped them, and got to work. They’ll be reading the results on Friday the 13th, with live music by Traded Pilots to follow. Why torture translators like that? Schadenfreude, I guess. Or sadism.

Mainly in English & German with a dash of French & Flemish

Translators/performers: Claire Monica von BooBurg Burgess, Katy Derbyshire, Florian Duijsens, Sarah Fisher, Richard Gonlag, Matt Lomas, Joel Scott, Eleanor Toal

13 Feb 15
Aurelie Païta
Agora Berlin