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Translations of poetry and prose in many literary journals since 2007.

Paris Magnétique, 1905–1940. Jewish Museum Berlin, 2023. On translation team.

Manuscripta Americana: Fragments of the Aztec Legacy. Stabi Kulturwerk, Berlin, 2022–23.

Moses Mendelssohn. Jewish Museum Berlin, 2022.

Transitions: Festival of Contemporary Jewish Arts. DAGESH, Berlin, 2021.

Yael Bartana: Redemption Now! Jewish Museum Berlin, 2021.

Out and About: Queer Visibilities in the Collection of the Berlinische Galerie. Online exhibition. Berlin, 2020.

Jewish Life in Germany: Past and Present (core exhibition). Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany, 2020. On translation team.

Closed Borders: The International Conference on Refugees in Évian 1938, German Resistance Memorial Center, Berlin, 2018. On translation team.

A community of artists, scholars, activists, and enthusiasts based in Berlin and dedicated to Yiddish. Event co-organizer, coordinator of the twice-monthly conversation group.

“Yiddish-German Exchanges in Weimar Berlin”
An archival literature project funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.

SAND: Literature and Art
A Berlin-based, English-language literary and arts journal published twice per year. I served as editor in chief from 2017 to 2021 (nine issues), and as poetry editor from 2015 to 2016 (two issues).

STILL Magazine
A bilingual journal of art and photography based in Berlin and New York. I served as translation editor from 2015 to 2016 (two issues).


Yiddish.BerlinQueer Yiddish (2022)
A multimedia presentation about the intersection of queerness and Yiddish from 1907 to the present

Venice Biennale Yiddishland Pavilion: “Performing Blackouts(2022)
A reading of censored theatrical texts
Reader of a Yiddish translation of an except by Amos Kenan

We Refugees Archive: Experiences of Refugeedom Past and Present(2022)
A multilingual reading within an event on artistic and literary treatments of escape, arrival, and exile
Reader of a Yiddish text by poet Zusman Segalovitsh

Yiddish.Berlin: “The Newest Yiddish Poetry (2022, conducted in Yiddish)
A reading of three contemporary Berlin-based Yiddish poets
Reader, co-organizer

Literarisches Colloquium BerlinBerlinglish – Symposium of English-Language Writers in Berlin (2022)
A symposium and reading as part of the Parataxe series, featuring fifteen transnational authors
Guest curator, moderator of one of the panels

Yiddish in Berlin summer school: Guided Tour of Berlin’s Scheunenviertel (2022, conducted in Yiddish)
An immersive guided tour of Berlin’s historically Eastern European Jewish neighborhood, including music and images from the period, a silent film, and singing by the participants
Tour guide

VdÜ (German Association of Literary Translators): “Translating Diaspora: Jewish Culture in Textual Practice” (2022, conducted in German)
A three-hour lecture and workshop on Jewish culture, tradition, and translation as part of the association’s annual conference. The workshop centered on a translation exercise using Russian, Italian, French, and English source texts.
Presenter and workshop leader

CIEE Berlin: Guest Lecture on Yiddish History and Germany (2022)
A guest lecture for undergraduate students about Yiddish language and literature and the history of Yiddish speakers in Germany, featuring the work of the poet Moyshe Kulbak

Yiddish Sof-Vokh UK: “On the Other Side of the Poem: A Yiddish Writing Workshop” (2022, conducted in Yiddish)
A generative poetry writing workshop as part of the weekend retreat
Workshop leader

Yiddish.Berlin: “Plague | War | Mother Tongue” (2022, conducted in Yiddish, English, and Ukrainian)
A two-week art exhibition and event series on Yiddish themes
Organizer & moderator of “The Yiddish Encyclopedia” book presentation, performer at “Yiddish-Ukrainian Literary Connections

Book Launch for WTF Berlin by Jacinta Nandi (2022)
A collection of the author’s comedic and provocative essays on German culture

American Academy in Berlin: Reading in Honor of Ladee Hubbard (2021)
A hybrid event

American Literary Translators Association (ALTA): Translation Slam  (2021)
A virtual translation event launching ALTA’s annual conference and featuring the work of Kurdish poet Bîşeng Ergin alias Keça Filankes
Co-curator along with the ALTA administrative team

Westopia Festival: “Sprachraum versus Doikayt: Berlin and the Case for Multilingual (Post)national Literature” (2021)
Burg Hülshof – Center for Literature, Germany
Keynote speaker

“Poetic Vision”: Poems Meet Visual Art, the Sciences, and Film (2021)
Online literary event series including a webinar, a workshop, and a reading
Organizer and moderator

internationales literaturfestival berlin: Ocean Vuong and Kaveh Akbar (2019)
“Young American Poetry” reading as part of festival

Society of Authors Translators Association Symposium 2019
Panel on literary magazines during annual literary translators’ conference, London
Panelist and presenter

Six Feet Under Poetry (2019)
Immersive, site-specific theater/poetry performance, Berlin

Polylingual Symposium: “False Friends: Literary Broadening of Horizons” (2018)
Panel with Uljana Wolf, Eugene Ostashevsky, et al., at the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Panel chair

Internationaler Literaturpreis Award Ceremony: Eliot Weinberger  (2018)
Public conversation with the shortlisted essayist Weinberger, his German translator, and Anglophone Berlin writers, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Organizer and moderator

A-Festival (AJAR Press): “Translating the Untranslatable” Workshop (2017)
A collaborative, multilingual poetry translation workshop, Hanoi, Vietnam
Co-organizer and co-facilitator with Greg Nissan

SAND Issue Launches (2017–21)
SAND’s twice-annual issue launch readings in Berlin and online
Co-organizer, moderator

Untranslatable?!  (2015)
Reading of new “impossible” translations featuring 9 translators and live music, Berlin
Organizer, moderator

Afn Shvel: “Only the Melody Remained: Scheunenviertel, Berlin’s Jewish Neighborhood” (Article in Yiddish by Sheva Zucker, Winter 2022–23 issue)

Our tour guide was Jake Schneider, a translator, an organizer for the group Yiddish.Berlin, and a participant in the [Yiddish in Berlin] summer program who had packed up and left the US for Berlin ten years back. He had warned us that on this tour we would need … to imagine the unseen for ourselves. And indeed with his well-researched narration, with pictures and with music, he brought that neighborhood and that era to life for us.”

Berliner Tagesspiegel: “No Fear” (Interview in German, 2022)

“As a member of Yiddish.Berlin, I organize a conversation group that meets twice a month. We chat and sing and shoot the breeze in Yiddish. That is one of the many treasures of Jewish culture that people in Germany don’t get a chance to hear or see because so much of the attention centers on antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Israel.”

LOLA: “The Evolution and Philosophy of SAND(Interview, 2020)

Simply by publishing in our native English, we find ourselves heir to a dark legacy of British and US cultural imperialism. Resisting that legacy, we try to use our platform – and our language’s huge audience – to amplify voices that publishers and curators have often erased or marginalized.

Exberliner: “German Lit That’s Not German(Interview, 2019)

“The language barrier makes it harder to integrate into the community of an artform that is still very national. Every country holds up its national poet or playwright, and when you’re publishing in one language and ordering coffee in another, this disconnectedness kind of violates people’s ideas of who literature belongs to.”

Lambda Literary: “Publishing Queer and International Voices in Berlin(Interview, 2018)

As queer people, unlike religious or ethnic minorities, we generally start out alone and discover we’re part of a community later. Call it our ‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ moment. And that community is very international. Sadly internationalism, like queerness, is viewed with suspicion everywhere. The best cure for suspicion is empathy, and the best source of empathy is literature.

Epitext: “International Berlin’s ‘Language Spaces’ in Conversation and Literature (Guest post, 2017)

“Monolingualism is the historical exception, not the rule. Speakers of different languages have always coexisted, often in the same brain, and they haven’t always been sorted into neat national boxes. Although linguistic uniformity does create larger communities of communication, this flatness is always forced.”