Jake Schneider

A headshot of Jake Schneider, a man in his 30s wearing a sports jacket, a brown patterned shirt, smiling with crossed arms

I translate scholarly and literary texts, plan and participate in cultural events, and organize educational and community projects about Yiddish culture and history.

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2012, mostly from German to English. I am specialized in cultural heritage, literature, and the arts, with a particular focus on Jewish and queer history. My book translations include academic monographs and anthologies, museum catalogues, and a poetry collection. I also translate reports for public institutions and academic or artistic grant applications.


I have planned and participated in dozens of literary and cultural events in five countries, both behind the scenes and on stage,  including readings, panel discussions, workshops, symposia, book and magazine launches, conferences, exhibitions, theater performances, and a weekend retreat. I am particularly interested in transnational and marginalized literatures.


As a passionate Yiddishist, I am involved in several educational and community projects related to Yiddish language, literature,  and culture: a lecture on queer Yiddish history, walking tours and talks on the history of Berlin’s Eastern European Jews, a Yiddish-speaking social club in Berlin, and a seminar on migration in Yiddish literature. The format can be adapted to the occasion.


Upcoming Dates

30 November

A virtual tour of Berlin’s Yiddish history (in Yiddish), hosted by the Paris Yiddish Center – Medem Library

7 December

Reading original Yiddish poems as part of “The Model Minority? New Poetry and Song in Yiddish and Other Minoritized Languages,” LABA Berlin

7 January 2024

Presenting “How to Build a Yiddish Social Club,” A Zoom workshop supported by KlezKalifornia