Jake Schneider

A headshot of Jake Schneider, a man in his 30s wearing a sports jacket, a brown patterned shirt, smiling with crossed arms

I translate scholarly and literary texts, plan and participate in cultural events, write Yiddish poems and English essays, and organize events and projects related to Yiddish culture and history.

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2012, mostly from German to English.


As a passionate Yiddishist, I organize many projects related to Yiddish culture and history.


I organize and participate in a wide range of literary and cultural events.


I write poetry in Yiddish and essays in English, often on themes of time and memory.


Upcoming Dates

Join me at twilight for an unusual walk exploring the history of Yiddish-speaking immigrants and refugees in Berlin, featuring Yiddish music from the neighborhood and plenty of family stories.

This year the tour has been featured as part of the fantastic Shtetl Berlin festival of Yiddish music and culture in late April.

More information, upcoming dates, and sign up here

The Yiddish social club I coordinate, “Shmues un Vayn,” was the subject of an article in the Forward headlined “You can now hear people speaking Yiddish in bars all over Berlin.

Learn more about our group here…

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