Jake Schneider

A headshot of Jake Schneider, a man in his 30s wearing a sports jacket, a brown patterned shirt, smiling with crossed arms

I translate scholarly and literary texts, plan and participate in cultural events, and organize educational and community projects about Yiddish culture and history.

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2012, mostly from German to English. I am specialized in cultural heritage, literature, and the arts, with a particular focus on Jewish and queer history.


I have planned and participated in dozens of literary and cultural events in five countries, both behind the scenes and on stage. I am particularly interested in transnational and marginalized literatures.


As a passionate Yiddishist, I am involved in a variety of educational, creative, and community projects related to Yiddish language, literature, and culture.


Screenshot of article in the Forward
Screenshot of Forward article

The Yiddish conversation group I organize, “Shmues un Vayn,” was recently the subject of an article in the Forward headlined “You can now hear people speaking Yiddish in bars all over Berlin.

Learn more about our group here…

Upcoming Dates

19 February 2024

Presenting the paper “Bashevis and the Shub Sisters-in-Law: Supporting Characters Talk Back” on the panel “Re/writing Legacies” at the 2024 Farbindungen Yiddish Studies Conference

17 March 2024

Organizer and presenter at the introductory workshop “Honey on Paper: Yiddish Day One,” Zeitgeist Zentrum, Berlin

13 April 2024

Co-curator, keynote speaker: “Parataxe Symposium XIV: Hebrew? Yiddish? Berlin?

21–23 June
Yiddish Sof-Vokh UK, immersive Yiddish retreat outside Birmingham (on organizing committee)